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Corporate Culture

LOGO adopts blue color, which conveys the positive energy of enthusiasm, harmony and eternity. The Chinese design initials "R" and "J" of Runjiang Group are the basic design elements. “R” means moisturizing; “J” means rivers and rivers; the following three horizontal lines mean “water droplets”; the combination of three elements reflects the Runjiang Group’s wealth gathering and long-term strategy, and it’s the best in the world. The ambition of the grand plan. “R” and “J” are interlaced, and the design is like “human”. It explains the “people-oriented” concept of Runjiang Group and emphasizes that “talent is the core wealth of the enterprise”. The whole icon presents a grand architectural style, highlighting the pursuit of Runjiang Group as the core of real estate architecture, paying tribute to the city and creating a better life for more people.

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 企业使命    Corporate Mission

We offer services to create a quality life

Runjiang abides by the contract spirit and fulfills its responsibility to provide sincere, comfortable, thoughtful, warm and affectionate “wholehearted services”, committed to providing its customers with a high-quality life.

Corporate Vision

Let more people have a good life

The staff of Runjiang works on architecture with a pragmatic spirit and craftsmanship, and keeps innovating to provide more people with quality products and perfect services to help them lead a good life.

Core Values

Respect, responsibility, aggressiveness, pragmatism and positivity

Respect: Respect is the foundation of the enterprise.

We respect customer demand, practice customer claims and protect customer equity.

We respect staff’s efforts, value staff’s development and share development achievements with staff

We respect the harmony between the society, culture and nature.

Responsibility: Responsibility is the cornerstone for the survival and development of the enterprise.

Runjiang actively takes responsibility for its customers, staff, community and environment.

Runjiang fulfills its promise for the society by realizing its commercial values.

Aggressiveness: Pioneering and aggressiveness is Runjiang’s magic weapon for success.

Struggle, continuous learning, constant innovation and pursuit of excellence are source motive forces for Runjiang’s sustainable development.

Pragmatism: Pragmatism is a guarantee for enterprise strength.

People orientation, customer first, and diligence.

Seek development robustly and keep robust in development, to control risks in the course of development

Implement work effectively, solve practical problems, and let performance speak.

Positivity: Positivity is a catalyst for booming enterprise development.

Runjiang treats staff equally and opens its door to the outside world, committed to building a “positive business system”.

Normativity, integrity and professionalism are the way Runjiang runs business.

Runjiang encourages various forms of communication, and advocates the principle of information transparency and sharing.

Brand Ideas

Homage to cities to make life better

Runjiang has a grand aspiration and reveres life. It respects every city’s historical details and its unique temperament, praises life with architecture,promotes the green, healthy and scientific development of cities, and make people’s life better by providing them with “high-quality services” and “wholehearted services”.

Service Ideas    

Customer satisfaction proves our value.    

Runjiang pays attention customer demand, respects customer opinions, cherishes customer trust, faces customers with smiles, moves customers with sincerity, repays customers with responsibility, and always provides them with the best services.