Mingde Public Welfare

Approved and established by the civil affairs department of Hebei in February 2018, Hebei Mingde Public Welfare Foundation is a non-profit charity organization with an independent legal person qualification.

The Foundation was initiated and organized by the loving enterprise Runjiang Group along with all quarters of the society, which is committed to building a professional and transparent social welfare platform and is intended to help and improve poverty-stricken areas (particularly those with backward education facilities, an unbalanced development of comprehensive quality of children, and quality improvement of teachers in mountainous regions).

So far, the Foundation has donated more than 10 million Yuan and funded the building of 16 public welfare primary schools in poverty-stricken regions. Meanwhile, the Foundation also worked with Shanghai True Love Dream Charity Foundation to build dozens of dream space projects in Hebei to enhance the comprehensive quality of the youth gradually. Besides, the Foundation also actively responded to the appeal of the civil affairs department of Hebei Province, helped the accurate poverty relief of the poverty-stricken areas of Zhangjiakou, Chengde and Baoding and helped poverty-stricken families in the mountainous regions to become rich through industrial development.

The Foundation welcomes governmental institutions, loving enterprises and people from all walks of life to pay attention to the development of public welfare and charity.