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  • Development Cooperation

For any problem or suggestion for us,

please send it to our email box runjiang@163.com.

Development Cooperation

Dear investors:

Welcome to Runjiang for a visit and inspection. For a proper arrangement for your visit, please fill out the following information. You are kindly suggested to make an appointment five working days in advance. Thanks for your attention.

Capital Cooperation

  • Manager Chen

  • Mobilephone: 18678781537

  • Landline: 0311-69107815

  • Manager Jiao

  • Mobilephone: 13832130124

  • Landline: 0311-69107675

Land Cooperation

Runjiang Group carries out diverse and flexible project cooperation mainly in the areas such as the downtown and four new areas of Shijiazhuang and Baoding. The planned use of land is mainly residential land. Partners from all quarters of the society are welcomed to provide information or negotiate with us for cooperation.

  • Manager Zhang

  • Mobilephone: 18031362609