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  • Runjiang Development College

  • Address: 4F, Block B, Runjiang Huigu Building, 95, Qilian Street, High-tech Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

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Runjiang Development Institute

Energize the strategy of the enterprise, empower the growth of employees

  • Tenet

    The enterprise and employees will develop together and usher in a win-win future.

  • Principles

    Know the shortages, find the distance, learn diligently, emphasize application, and pursue improvement.

  • Learning

    Not to advance is to retreat. Teaching and learning promote each other. All staff involved. Knowledge is infinite.

In 2017, as Runjiang Development College was established, the five-level talent cultivation system of Runjiang Group was basically formed. The system consists of five systems such as “leading talent development program” designed for senior management talents of the Group, “backbone force development program” for cultivating mid-level management, and the special “successor cultivation program” designed for high-potential talents. The chairman of the board of the Group served as the president of the college, and the administrative vice president served as the executive president, taking charge of the construction of the college. Different courses were set for trainees at different levels. Meanwhile, it also kept perfecting the supporting systems such as leadership development center and evaluation center. It drove the improvement of overall quality of the talent team by focusing on the cultivation of leading figures of the enterprise and industry, mid and basic level management talents, professional functional talents and industrial talents.

Runjiang Development College is a learning and development platform for sharing practices and innovating thoughts and a cradle for the growth of the employees, which will provide talent support for the Group to realize its strategic goals and become a first-class enterprise.