Runjiang Feili Mansion Phase II (Gaocheng)

Runjiang Feili Mansion Phase II is close to Subway Line 3, the urban main roads, and a 90,000-m2 municipal park. The regional 3D traffic network connects to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the one-stop for-all-age cultural educational base helps the families create an infinitely bright future. Within the region there are two commercial complexes, providing a luxury life. It is as classical as the French style, enjoys the reputation of glory and redefines the downtown urban life. The 110,000-m2 commercial complex tops the urban business cover, and the north-south all-transparent luxury spacious space is full of sunshine, with beautiful scenery outside the windows, forming a wonderful living area in the downtown area.

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Highlights of Project

  • Geographical Location

    At the intersection of the urban development axes

  • Convenient and Fast Traffic

    A central hub-type traffic system composed of urban main roads and subway lines

  • Bustling Commerce

    Two commercial complexes

  • Exquisite Building

    Villa-like foreign-style house, scarce product, luxury symbol

  • Residential Facilities

    Low-density French-style community with perfect facilities and two parks

  • Quality Education

    Provincial key school New No.1 Middle School is on the other side of the road

Project Honors

  • A candidate for the eighth (2017—2018) China Real Estate “Guangsha Award”
  • A much-anticipated community in Shijiazhuang

Basic Information

  • Type of Project: 8 Small High-rise Buildings and 7 Foreign-style Houses

  • Type of Series:  Mansion style

  • Location: the Intersection of Century Boulevard and Tong’an Street in Gaocheng New District, Shijiazhuang City

  •  Unit price: 9500 yuan

  • Area: 130mu

  • State of decoration: rough

  • State of Sales:  In sale

  • ogress of Project: Under construction

  • Valid period of property right: 70 years

  • Supporting services: kindergarten, school, high-end commercial complex

  • Sales address: No.299, Century Boulevard, Gaocheng New District, Shijiazhuang City

  • Parking space ratio: 1:1

  • Property management charge: 1.8 yuan

  • Number of planned households: 855

  • Total number of buildings: 15

  • Greening rate:30%

  • Volume ratio:1.9

Project Album

  • Aerial view
  • planning chart

House Type

  • Three bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Two bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Four bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Building Area: about 118㎡

  • Building Area: about 132㎡

  • Building Area: about 117㎡

  • Building Area: about 116㎡

  • Building Area: about 89㎡

  • Building Area: about 90㎡

  • Building Area: about 122㎡


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