Runjiang – Xuyuan

Runjiang Xuyuan is located in the high-tech zone of Shijiazhuang, linking the main roads of Zhengding New District and Wucheng District—Taihang Street, north to Jinshajiang Road, south to the Second Ring East Extension Line, and east to the newly planned municipality. Line 3 Hantong Station.
The living facilities around Runjiang Xuyuan are perfect, and there are large-scale living facilities such as the Provincial Third Hospital, the Provincial Fourth Hospital, the Fourth Hospital, the Second Hospital of the Second Hospital, the Private One, the Elite, the Yixin North Country Mall, and the North Country Supermarket Changjiang Store. The owner brings a full range of services including catering, entertainment, leisure, consumption, and medical care.
Runjiang Xuyuan is positioned as a light luxury quality community in the core of the new city, with a water system on the west side and a ring mountain parkin the east. It is surrounded by nearly 100 hectares of wetland gardens. Runjiang Xuyuan has a total area of about 50 acres and is planned to have 6 high-rise residential buildings and a luxurious clubhouse. The whole of Runjiang Xuyuan adopts a closed layout, with a large area as the core, combining independent landscapes, leisure plazas and stream landscapes, and moving landscapes to create an excellent community landscape.

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Highlights of Project

  • Geographical Location

    Central High-tech District, on the South Bank of Zhengding New District

  • Convenient and Fast Traffic

    Boasts fast traffic consisting of two vertical highways and one horizontal highway, as well as urban main roads

  • Design Style

    adjoining Subway Line 3 Hantong Station

  • Residential Facilities

    Tuscany-style community with inter-building distance of nearly 100m

  • Quality Education

    A river system around the city, Huanshan Lake Park, releasing green oxygen

  • Garden Landscape

    Next to Municipal Primary School, gate to gate

Basic Information

  • Type of Project: High-rise, Small High-rise

  • Highlights of Project: low-density, well-established facilities, school district housing, subway entrance, smooth traffic

  • Type of Series: Garden style

  • State of Sales: Pre-sale

  • Area: 43,000m2, building area: 95,100㎡

  • Progress of Project: Under construction

  • Sales address: to the Southwest of the Intersection of Qilian Street and Minjiang Road in High-tech District, Shijiazhuang City (Ruyuan Floor 1 and 2)

  • Location: to the Southeast of the Intersection of Taihang Street and Jinshajiang Road in High-tech District, Shijiazhuang City (at South Gate of Gree Factory)

  • Valid period of property right: 70 years

  • Parking space ratio: 1:1

  • Property management charge: to be determined

  • State of decoration: rough

  • Number of planned households: 688

  • Total number of buildings: 6

  • Greening rate: 54.38%

  • Volume ratio: 2.1

Project Album

  • Aerial view
  • planning chart

House Type

  • Two bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Three bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Building Area: about 89.45㎡

  • Building Area: about 103.5㎡

  • Building Area: about 120.02㎡


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  • 交通
  • 医疗
  • 商业
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  • 公园